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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”Henry Ford

Looking for a new web site for your small or medium sized business? Or, looking to have your existing site repaired or updated? I can help. I am a semi-retired computer “geek” with over 37 years in the business. I also have a strong background in communications (radio, TV, Internet). People think of me as a “free lancer”. What is a free lancer?

Free Lancer Vs. Large Company. Which is best for you? Both have advantages as well as disadvantages. Free lancers are normally one or two people working at home. One advantage a free lancer offers is personalized service. You’re not talking to different departments, or a call center. With a free lancer more time is spent to customizing you’re site to meet your customers needs. Although you have access to more resources with large company’s, and people to handle you’re site, with a large company you are paying for office space and multiple employees. Why go with a free lancer? 


I want to build a new site. Can you do this? Yes. I can also put you on Google maps and create a Facebook account.

I already have a site, but it needs to be fixed and maintained. Can you help? Yes. If your happy with your host (GoDaddy, Bluehost Etc.) you can stay there or I can move you to my host, A2.

Sounds good, but how do I know if you’re any good? 

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How I work. I cover both design and development. Design is the artistic end (the look of the site). Development is getting the site on the internet and all related work, such as SEO (search engine optimization) setting up Google maps, Facebook, etc.

First is a free consultation to see what your needs are and to make sure I’m a good fit to fulfill those needs. I normally recommend a site theme based on you’re type of business. In today’s world your web site is often the first impression someone gets of you’re business. A site that is overdone with popups and grayed out pages, making the viewer click on things to close, causes a bad first impression. Easy to use and find information is what people want! 

I dont up-sell. I design the site to fit your needs. Notice how fast and easy this site is to use.

Cost. Depends on amount of time needed. Click here to see more detailed breakdown.

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