About Us

About myself. Started in 1979 working on CAT scanners. Worked over the years for many different computer biased company’s. Most in a business support systems not home or consumer biased. Have a background in studio work,audio ,video. Sound mixing and recording as well as video editing. I have been blessed with my Dads engineering ability (he was a draft designer) and my Moms artistic style (she was a painter).


I’ve worked in the computer industry starting in medical (C.A.T. scanners). Also Main frame computer systems for medium to large businesses. I also designed and developed the first HQ sound system integrated into a nurse call system for Ceder Sini hospital in West Hollywood in 1993.This allowed the patent to via Koss headphones to listen to HQ stereo music that plugged into the nurse call handheld unit. But at the same time the nurse call functions remained in use if needed. First installation was in the then new Steven Spielberg unit. Also worked for years as an electrical/mechanical failure analysis engineer due to my background doing hands on restoration on classic American cars from the 1960’s. My main customers were Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Last worked for Extron who supply HD audio/video products to all the entertainment industry.

Took an early retirement and moved to 29 Palms to care for my wife. When we moved here I needed a washer and dryer. I found some good used ones locally and ended up trading them for a web site for their business. It fulfilled there dream to increase sales and make enough to retire and move to Texas which they did 2 years ago.This lead to me building sites for others. Now that my wife has passed I now have more time to devote to this. I am looking to increase my small family of sites I now manage.